April 9th Events

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April 9th, 2005 (April 09 2005)EventHis Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles.
April 9th, 2003 (April 09 2003)Event2003 invasion of Iraq: Baghdad falls to American forces.
April 9th, 2002 (April 09 2002)EventThe funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey.the Queen Mother Elizabeth Quotes
April 9th, 1999 (April 09 1999)EventIbrahim Bare Mainassara, President of Niger, is assassinated.
April 9th, 1992 (April 09 1992)EventA U.S. Federal Court finds former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega guilty of drug and racketeering charges. He is sentenced to 30 years in prison.
April 9th, 1992 (April 09 1992)EventJohn Major s Conservative Party wins an unprecedented fourth general election victory in the United Kingdom.John Major Quotes
April 9th, 1991 (April 09 1991)EventGeorgia declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
April 9th, 1975 (April 09 1975)EventThe first game of the Philippine Basketball Association, the second oldest professional basketball league in the world.
April 9th, 1969 (April 09 1969)EventThe "Chicago Eight" plead not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.
April 9th, 1969 (April 09 1969)EventThe first British-built Concorde 002 makes its maiden flight from Filton to RAF Fairford.
April 9th, 1967 (April 09 1967)EventThe first Boeing 737 (a 100 series) makes its maiden flight.
April 9th, 1959 (April 09 1959)EventMercury program: NASA announces the selection of the United States first seven astronauts, whom the news media quickly dub the "Mercury Seven".
April 9th, 1957 (April 09 1957)EventThe Suez Canal in Egypt is cleared and opens to shipping.
April 9th, 1953 (April 09 1953)EventWarner Brothers premieres the first 3-D film, entitled House of Wax.
April 9th, 1952 (April 09 1952)EventHugo Ballivian s government is overthrown by the Bolivian National Revolution, starting a period of agrarian reform, universal suffrage and the nationalisation of tin minesHugo Ball Quotes
April 9th, 1948 (April 09 1948)EventJorge Eliecer Gaitan s assassination provokes a violent riot in Bogota (the Bogotazo), and a further ten years of violence in Colombia (La violencia).
April 9th, 1948 (April 09 1948)EventMassacre at Deir Yassin.
April 9th, 1947 (April 09 1947)EventThe Glazier-Higgins-Woodward tornadoes kill 181 and injure 970 in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
April 9th, 1947 (April 09 1947)EventThe Journey of Reconciliation, the first interracial Freedom Ride begins through the upper South in violation of Jim Crow laws. The riders wanted enforcement of the United States Supreme Court s 1946 Irene Morgan decision that banned racial segregation in interstate travel.
April 9th, 1945 (April 09 1945)EventWorld War II: The German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer is sunk.
April 9th, 1945 (April 09 1945)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Konigsberg, in East Prussia, ends.
April 9th, 1945 (April 09 1945)EventThe United States Atomic Energy Commission is formed.
April 9th, 1942 (April 09 1942)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Bataan/Bataan Death MarchUnited States forces surrender on the Bataan Peninsula. The Japanese Navy launches an air raid on Trincomalee in Ceylon (Sri Lanka); Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and Royal Australian Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire are sunk off the island s east coast.
April 9th, 1940 (April 09 1940)EventWorld War II: Germany invades Denmark and Norway.
April 9th, 1939 (April 09 1939)EventMarian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial, after being denied the right to sing at the Daughters of the American Revolution s Constitution Hall.
April 9th, 1937 (April 09 1937)EventThe Kamikaze arrives at Croydon Airport in Londonit is the first Japanese-built aircraft to fly to Europe.
April 9th, 1917 (April 09 1917)EventWorld War I: The Battle of Arrasthe battle begins with Canadian forces executing a massive assault on Vimy Ridge.
April 9th, 1916 (April 09 1916)EventWorld War I: The Battle of VerdunGerman forces launch their third offensive of the battle.
April 9th, 1909 (April 09 1909)EventThe U.S. Congress passes the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act.
April 9th, 1867 (April 09 1867)EventAlaska purchase: Passing by a single vote, the United States Senate ratifies a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska.
April 9th, 1865 (April 09 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia (26,765 troops) to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, effectively ending the war.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
April 9th, 1682 (April 09 1682)EventRobert Cavelier de La Salle discovers the mouth of the Mississippi River, claims it for France and names it Louisiana.
April 9th, 1440 (April 09 1440)EventChristopher of Bavaria is appointed King of Denmark.
April 9th, 1413 (April 09 1413)EventHenry V is crowned King of England.
April 9th, 1241 (April 09 1241)EventBattle of Liegnitz: Mongol forces defeat the Polish and German armies.
April 9th, 0475 (April 09 0475)EventByzantine Emperor Basiliscus issues a circular letter (Enkyklikon) to the bishops of his empire, supporting the Monophysite christological position.
April 9th, 0193 (April 09 0193)EventSeptimius Severus is proclaimed Roman Emperor by the army in Illyricum (in the Balkans).

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